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Product Categories:
Reagent Kits for Laboratory Diagnostics
Laboratory Equipment

Alkor Bio Group is Russia's leading developer & manufacturer of reagent kits for laboratory diagnostics. Alkor Bio produces ELISA tests for infection, hormones, allergy diagnostics, and tumor markers. The list of allergens, allergen mixes and components consists of around 700 names from all kinds of allergen groups. For automation of laboratory researches Alkor Bio offers the high speed 6-microplates fully automated open analyzer for ELISA test – Alisei Q.S. A high quality of all products is confirmed by international quality standards ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003.




Product Categories:
In-Vitro Diagnostic Equipment/Preparation, Laboratory Equipment
Blood Banking and Screening
ELISA, biochemistry reagents and allergy testing solutions

Awareness Technology’s ChemWell® Automated RPR Analyzer, for the qualitative detection of Syphilis. “The Most Significant Innovation to Syphilis Testing In The Last 30 Years.” Laboratories can now automate nontreponemal testing and drive significant operational efficiencies while minimizing false positives using a true walk away solution.
Fully-automated 190 Test Per Hour.

Awareness Technology’s ChemWell RPR 非常重要的创新。 美国制造。全自动 RPR 试验。用于梅毒血清检测。测试结果是准确和客观。存储图像。更少的假阳性的结果。190 的测试,每小时的速度。



BBI Solutions

Product Categories:
Raw materials for IVD (antibody, antigen etc.)
Lateral flow contract service
Immumoassay solutions

BBI Solutions is a leading manufacturer of raw material and finished test platform for the in-vitro diagnostics market. BBI is a global business with manufacturing sites spanning three countries. Our range of raw materials includes human antigens, antibodies, serum and plasma products and clinical chemistry enzymes.

BBI Solutions是在IVD原料方向的领先供应商,我们的生产基地在英国、南非和美国。我们提供广泛的原料产品,包括人源蛋白(抗原)、抗体、血清和血浆产品以及生化用酶。



Product Categories:
Dispense systems
Cytogenetic systems
Lamination systems

BioDot manufactures premium non-contact and quantitative fluid and powder dispensing systems. Combined with our expertise in lamination, cutting, and assembly, our wide range of platforms serve our customers from R&D through high volume manufacturing in the industrial, diagnostic, life science and medical product markets

BioDot 是全球领先的诊断产品生产设备专业制造商,以微定量喷点方面技术而著称,致力于提供最好的产品与最专业的服务



Product Categories:
General Diagnostic Instruments
Medical Testing and Analysis Devices
Medical Laboratory Testing Equipment

BioSystems S.A. develops, manufactures and commercializes Reagents and Instruments for clinical analysis since 1981. Both quality of products and quality of service have always been two main targets, as well as the fulfillment of current regulations: ISO 13485:2012 and CE mark for IVD products.

自1981年以来,BioSystems公司研发、生产和销售临床分析试剂和仪器,产品质量和服务质量一直是两个主要的目标,并依照当前ISO 13485:2012和CE有关IVD 产品的法规



Product Categories:

Bürkert is a global supplier of customized fluid control systems, having over 70 years experiences in automated fluid processes, with research centers and manufacturing facilities in Germany and France, and offices in 35 countries。

Bürkert products and systems can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated. Whether the application is filling, level, flow, pressure or temperature we have a solution and a uniquely comprehensive range of products to handle it, including solenoid, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuation, sensors and controllers.

For Bürkert it is not enough to simply offer individual products. Our aim is to provide complete system and application solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Bürkert provides customized fluid control solutions in a wide range of different markets including chemical, water and wastewater treatment, medical equipment, food and beverage, industrial processing and pharmaceutical.

Bürkert 是流体控制系统的全球供应商,具有70年的流体控制经验,在德国和法国拥有多个研发中心和生产厂,并在35个国家和地区设有分公司。
Bürkert 产品与系统适用于对液体和气体介质进行测量和控制,具备极广泛的产品系列(包括电磁阀、过程控制阀、分析阀、气动执行机构、传感器和控制器等)和解决方案,可对液位、流量、压力、温度和分析等参数进行测量和控制。




Product Categories:
POCT Immunoassay system

Hipro is a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic system for over 19 years. Our product portfolio comprises more than 40 parameters including Biochemistry, Nephelometry, Fluorescence and Turbidimetric reagents and controls. The Hipro instrumentation product range covers automated immunoassay analyzers, semi-automated analyzers and other POC instruments for patient-near testing.





Product Categories:
IVD / 体外诊断
Autoimmune / 自身免疫
Rheumatology / 风湿病学

HUMAN, offers innovative test systems for the diagnosis of autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. Our highly specialized and committed scientists and technicians develop and produce a broad range of high-quality AID products comprising ELISA and LIA. Several patents and the growing interest in our products worldwide are proof for constant reliability and success.

胡曼为自身免疫性疾病和风湿性疾病的诊断提供包括ELISA和LIA在内的高品质诊断产品。专利产品的不断增长以及各国对我们产品关注度的持续提升,都印证了我们的可靠性。 /



Product Categories:
Medical Testing & Analysis
Medical Laboratory Testing
Detection equipment

JADAK is the leading provider of embedded detection and analysis solutions for medical device manufacturers.

JADAK (ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 registered) specializes in machine vision, RFID, barcode, and color & light measurement products to help solve unique inspection, tracking, scanning and documenting challenges.


JADAK(杰达克)是ISO9001 & ISO13485 认证企业,专注于机器视觉,射频识别,条码扫描及颜色和光测量产品,可以帮助客户解决独特的检测,数据追踪,扫描和记录等难题。


Medica Corporation

Product Categories:
Electrolyte analyzer
Blood gas analyzer
Chemistry analyzer

Medica Corporation manufactures simple-to-use, highly reliable diagnostic blood testing analyzers. Actively engaged in developing new technology, Medica specifically designs products to enhance productivity and the quality of care in small to medium-size in vitro diagnostic laboratories. Medica’s clinical chemistry, blood gas, electrolyte, and hematology analyzers are focused on the global need to lower health care costs.




Product Categories:

SMC is the world famous Research & Development manufacturer of pneumatic component with worldwide sales network and manufacturing bases.

SMC boasts its extensive sales network via establishing subsidiaries in 83 different countries and regions combined with over 400 sales offices and a great amount of distributors globally, which allows SMC capable to respond to the customers’ requirements on time and provide technical support.






Product Categories:
Disposible products
Surgical scalpel
Blood lancet 

Since 1993, SteriLance Medical has been making continuous efforts to develop innovative safety engineered medical products, and now we are one of the leading manufacturers of capillary blood lancing devices and disposable scalpels in the world.



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