Organized by: Reed Tüyap Exhibitions
IVD Market Representation: Scherago International


Where Central Asia Healthcare Connects

1. What is Central Eurasia?

From a marketing standpoint, Central Eurasia is the region consisting of 39 countries surrounding Turkey in a radius of about 1000 miles (1600 km). Within this region is a population of 814 million.


2. What is the healthcare significance of Central Eurasia?

According to the World Bank, total healthcare expenditure is $440 billion and increasing at a rate of 2.5% per year. The fastest growing countries are Iran, Turkey and Russia having a combined average growth of 13.2%. North Africa is the slowest growing area, with a decrease of -3%.

3. Why is Turkey important to a Eurasia strategy?

Turkey occupies one of the most strategic geopolitical locations in the world. For that reason, it has served as the trading gateway between Europe and Asia for thousands of years. To consolidate its position as the commercial epicenter of Central Eurasia, Turkey is constructing one of the world’s largest airports, 10,000 km of high-speed rail line, 37,000 km of new roads and, in Istanbul, one the most advanced metro systems.

According the Bloomberg News, Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the world with an annual GDP of 4.8% and is the fastest growing country among OECD members which include USA, Canada and Europe.

Further validation of Turkey as the gateway to Central Eurasia is the fact that the World Bank Private Sector Arm established its first operations center outside of Washington DC in Istanbul.

Medical personnel are well educated and the leading medical institutions demand the latest in advanced medical devices. An additional validation of Turkey’s centric position in the region is the fact that medical tourists reached 414,000 foreign patients in 2014.

4. What is the healthcare significance of Turkey?

Turkish healthcare Industry is approximately $60 billion and will grow 5.6% CAGR through 2017 (100,000 new hospital beds). By 2023 the healthcare industry is expected to reach $160 billion. The per capita health spending is currently $1,144 and is targeted to reach $2,000 2023, at a 7+% CAGR. Furthermore, 85% of medical devices used in Turkey are imported and it ranks #2 in the in the region.
Annual Medical Device Imports: Selected Central Eurasia Countries
$US Millions
Saudi Arabia
Source: MUSIAD the Independent Industrialists' & Businessmen's Assoc. Healthcare Report

Medical personnel are well educated and the leading medical institutions demand the latest in advanced medical devices. This has resulted in a burgeoning healthcare tourist growth which has reached 325,000 foreign patients in 2014.


5. What are the IVD opportunities in Turkey?

According to the US Department of Commerce, of the nine fastest device growth categories, three are IVD related.

  • Advanced pre-screening, imaging and diagnostics devices (partially IVD)
  • Advanced point-of-care devices
  • Advanced surgical devices using robotics technology
  • Cancer treatment devices
  • Clinical chemistry and laboratory devices and reagents
  • E-health and M-health systems
  • Implants used in orthopedics and trauma
  • Remote patient monitoring devices
  • Telemedicine systems
Scherago International will be reporting updated figures as they are acquired.

6. What is expoMED Eurasia?

ExpoMED was started by the Tuyap organization 21 years ago. Tuyap is the largest trade show organizer in Turkey and recently merged with Reed Expositions to form Reed Tuyap.

expoMED Eurasia is the largest medical event in the Central Eurasia region occupying 60,000 sqm (540,000 sq. ft.) of exhibit space with 1,143 companies from 36 countries. Total professional visitors were 35,997 including 4,899, from other countries in the Eurasian region. Domestic visitors increased 6% whereas international visitors increased 24% over 2014.

Top five visiting Central Eurasian countries were:

Top Five Countries Visiting expoMED
% Intl Visitors
%GDP on Healthcare
Total Intl

7. What is labtechMED Eurasia?

14% (4,357) of the visitors attending expoMED are laboratory personnel who have been used to seeking out IVD companies amongst the total exhibition. In 2015, the laboratory medicine exhibition area was placed in Hall 8, creating a distinct part of the venue dedicated to laboratory medicine. Although the exhibition was small (about 15 companies), it was vibrant with traffic from laboratory personnel.

To attract the end-user, a one-day scientific session dedicated to laboratory medicine organized by Turkish Biochemical Society. The content included: Laboratory quality and accreditation, Preanalytical variability, Preanalytical challenges, Analytical Interferences and Interpretation of laboratory results

8. What free services are available to international exhibitors?

Matchmaking and Hosted Buyer Programs
The goals of these programs are to bring specific buyers, by name or title, of interest to international (non-Turkish) exhibitors. These buyers can be targeted by personal name, distributors by country/ region, or Ministry of Health VIPs. The only requirement is the exhibitor (not a distributor) has booked a stand in Hall 8.

VIP elite+ Programme: International exhibitors may recommend up to 20 Central Eurasian buyers or clients they want to meet at labtechMED. Tuyap staff at their regional offices in Eurasia invite the buyers and offer free hotel stays during their show visit. Appointments are made by Tuyap staff for the exhibitor that indicates day and time of the meetings. The scheduled appointments are held in Hall 7, a few steps from the IVD area.

ountries participating in the 2015 VIP elite+ Programme were: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Turkey

Visitor group employers included: medical equipment company/distributor/agents, pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, clinic, governments, hospitals, insurance companies, laboratories, and medical care canters.

9. What other free promotional services are available to exhibitors?

Company description, logo, contact details and additional web banner on the expoMED website and the possibility to upload images, videos and pdf documents relating to your products.

Your stand personnel will receive an invitation to all networking events taking place during the exhibition.

10. How are regional visitors recruited from Central Eurasian Countries?

General Promotion
Traditional promotion such as email, web promotion, and social media are used.

Matchmaking and hosted buyer programs
Visitors for the VIP elite+ Programme are recruited person-to-person from Tuyap offices throughout the Eurasia region. They attend regional shows and visit hospitals, laboratories and regional MOH recruit visitors as specifically requested by the exhibitor.

  • The Georgia Tuyap office recruits visitors from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • The Iran Tuyap office, visitors from Iran
  • The Russia Tuyap office, visitors from Russia
  • The Egypt Tuyap office, recruits from Egypt, Iraq, North Africa
  • The Macedonia Tuyap office, visitors from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia and Croatia

VISA free entry to Turkey
The convenience of VISA free entry for a person traveling to Turkey on business eliminates the need for individuals to completed extensive forms and take the time to visit an embassy or consulate.

Of the 33 countries in Central Eurasia, only two countries are required to complete the visa process to enter Turkey: Algeria and Egypt. Those from the remaining 31 countries enter without a visa or by using an e-visa which takes a few minute to complete online.

11. What is the dress code?

Dress code at labtechMED is the same as other international shows, standard Western business attire.

12. What languages are spoken?

Turkish and English. For extensive conversations, an interpreter is recommended.

13. What is the cost to exhibit and hotel stays?

Exhibit Space Examples
Exhibit costs very low compared to most other international medical device shows. Below are samples of costs for labtechMED.

Type of Space
Cost / sqm
Raw Space (18 sqm minimum)
Shell Scheme (9sqm)
Includes: White chipboard panels, 148cm high, stand fascia w/company  name, 3 spot lights (75W), 1 plug group socket (220V)
IVD Pavilion (9sqm)
Includes: Shell scheme  configuration plus 1 table (80x80cm), 4 chairs, 1 info desk, 2 shelves, 1 waste bin
Additional Charges:
Insurance 92€, electrical power link service, 218 € VAT, 18%

Hotel Costs
There are a number of hotels within 10 km of the Tuyap exhibition center having a cost from 55€ to 150€ per night, including the Tuyap Palas which is a two minute walk to the exhibition center. The cost to stay at the Tuyap Palas is about 120€ per night.

14. What cultural sensitivities should we be aware?

To learn an overview on any country’s cultural presence, our recommendation is to purchase the book, "Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands" by Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conway. The latest version includes Turkey.

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